Cattery Alternative

Pet sitting is a cattery alternative

Happymeow provide you with home pet sitting services in London and we are a brilliant alternative to a traditional cattery in London.

The cat family (both big cats like lions, and domestic cats) can be very territorial, and are therefore less stressed if they have a pet sitter that visits them in their own environment rather than in a cattery with lots of other cats. Pet sitting by us is the best solution for you and your cat. Cattery’s in London are better these days but this way your cat stays in familiar surroundings and you don’t need to worry if your cat is settled in. An unfamiliar environment is really not where your pet wants to be. We learned through out own experience as previous cat owners that whether we realise it or not they can get scared.

Smell is an important sense to any cat and not having their belongings or other items makes for an unhappy and traumatised cat.

Happymeow’s local London pet sitting services, mean that you don’t need to impose on a friend or anyone else for that matter to care for your cat. You can rely on a professional pet sitter like us who will put your cat’s needs first. We are dedicated to your cat and they become a priority to us whilst they are in our care.

We will as part of our cat sitting service top up your cats water and food bowls, clean feeding bowls and feeding area and their litter tray. Your friendly cat sitter Happymeow will also regularly update you on your cats activity on via whats app or text and will also send you photos of your cat. We will also play with and cuddle your cats, if that’s what they enjoy. We treat your cat as if it were our own and give it lots of love and attention. 

We offer a complimentary meet and greet which is a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with your cat and answer any queries you may have.

If cats could speak they would choose to stay at home rather than a cattery any day – we know we would if we were cats! We provide a professional, friendly and reliable London cat sitting service to your cat leaving them happy and relaxed.

Contact us now –  your local London pet sitter today!